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Brochures available and local management team has extensive knowledge of the area activities and events, festivities, and places to visit.  Also, visit the Michigan DNR website for more information and for trail permits.


We are located off trail #2 in the western zone of the Upper Peninsula. Trail #2 is a key link to all the Upper Peninsula East and West Trails. We have ample parking room for your trailers and other gear. 

You will need an annual trail permit. 

Visit Upper Peninsula Snowmobiling for trail information.

Trail permits are available locally (we do not issue trail permits).

Trail maps are provided at the motel.

It is legal to ride snowmobiles and ATVs on all of  Wakefield and Bessemer streets, and parts of Ironwood & Marenisco streets.

Porcupine Mountains

Big Carp River, Lake of the Clouds area, Porcupine Mountains, UP Michigan.  

This the Big Carp river in the Big Carp valley. This valley is an undisturbed virgin forest. It is flowing out of the Lake in the Clouds westward toward Lake Superior.


Photo Courtesy Linda Carter.

Mountain enthusiasts and Sight Seers    

  • Lake Superior   

  • Porcupine Mountains   

  • Waterfalls within minutes

The U.P. is home to all but one of Michigan’s waterfalls. There are more than 300 falls scattered across the U.P., ranging in size from under 5 feet to 48+ feet vertical drops. 

  • Baker's Falls (Gabbro Falls) is less than a mile away

  • Nawadaha Falls is just outside of Wakefield

Visit this site for information on the area's waterfalls and mountain scenes, with descriptions and directions to get there.


Big Snow Resort              
Ski Indianhead and Blackjack mountains
500 Indianhead Road, Wakefield, MI 49968
800-3-INDIAN (800.346.3426)


Big Powderhorn Mountain
Powderhorn Road, Bessemer, MI 49911
Phone: 906.932.4838 or 800.501.7669

Other local ski attractions
Copper Peak Ski Jump in Ironton.  Open summer and winter with tons of events and activities

Mt. Zion Ski Hill in Ironwood. Offers skiing and tubing - the best in the area for tubing. Located on the campus of Gogebic Community College.

White Cap Mountain in Upson, WI.  About 40 miles from our motel.

White Cap Mountain in Upson, Wisconsin

Upper Peninsula Northwoods Motel

Upper Peninsula Northwoods Motel

Northwoods Motel Office U.P.

Northwoods Motel Office with friendly staff ready to make your stay fun in Upper Peninsula!

Northwoods Motel

Northwoods Motel offers flexible rate lodging on U.P. snowmobile trail 2


U.P. snowmobile trails near Northwoods Motel.

Quonset Hut

Quonset Hut available for self-repairs.

Big Snow Resort-Yooper ski

Skiing at Big Snow Resort

Snowmobile Wakefield, MI

Snowmobiling in Yooper! It doesn't get any better!

Bakers Falls

Baker's Falls (Gabbro Falls) is less than a mile away

Northwoods Motel Snowmobiling

Over 990,000 acres for your recreation!

Northwoods Motel and Ski-Inn Condos

2.5 hours from Duluth, Minnesota

Hiking Upper Peninsula Michigan

Hiking Upper Peninsula Michigan

Beautiful Nature

Beautiful Nature

Ski Boarding

Snow Boarding at Blackjack Mountain, Big Snow Resort

Fishing Contest 2017

Fishing Contest 2017. Ice fishing and fishing in a multitude of locations!

Waterfall in Yooper.

Waterfall 10 minutes away!

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